GeoExt ux: WFSTFeatureEditing

  • GeoExt ux name: WFSTFeatureEditing
  • GeoExt ux description: This extension aims to automatically create every components required to do WFST feature editing from having the url to the WFS service only. Components are directly taken from OpenLayers and GeoExt, but also in some external libraries (see in Dependency below).
  • Maintainer name: Alexandre Dubé
  • Maintainer email: adube[at]
  • Browser compatibility: FF 3+, IE 7+, Chromium 5
  • Compatibility with GeoExt version: trunk, revision >= 2697, which includes a mandatory fix (see in Dependency below).
  • Compatibility with OpenLayers version: OpenLayers 2.10 and higher.
  • Example:
  • Installation procedure: Check out Script paths in the examples may need to be modified to match your directory structure.
  • Unit tests:
    • See Test page on
    • All tests pass in FF3.6, FF4, IE7, IE8 and Chrome.
  • Dependency:
    • FeatureEditorGrid, from the GeoExt.ux library (is not included in widget)
    • FeatureGrid, from the gpx library (currently included in widget)
    • For more details about GeoExt version required, see details in ticket #412.
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