GeoExt ux: Google Earth Panel

Technical Descriptions and Use Cases

  • General comments
    • Integrate Google Earth Plugin in an Ext.Panel
    • 2D map is optional
  • Provide several mode:
    • 2DNavigationMode: navigates in 2D in order to update the 3D view (move position, direction and distance). 3D movements updates the 2D navigation tool.
    • clickMode: click in the 3D map to recenter the 3D view
    • 3DNavigationMode: navigates in 3D in order to update the 2D view.
  • Provide functions:
    • Permalink support
    • Add KML
    • Add WMS layer (requires KML support of the cartographic server)
  • Provide configuration options:
    • 3D layers
    • 3D controls
    • Camera position
    • 2D navigation tool
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