GeoExt ux


GeoExt ux are additional functionality and UI components built on top of GeoExt, but not included in trunk. The GeoExt ux are supposed to answer a general customer requirements, but not general enough to be part of GeoExt trunk.

GeoExt ux principles

Some general principles for the management of GeoExt ux need to be defined:

  • Anyone can develop GeoExt ux. Persons/company submitting GeoExt ux have to signed the Contributor Agreement.
  • The GeoExt ux are not part of GeoExt trunk. They are maintained by a person or a company and not by the GeoExt team.
  • The GeoExt ux have not to break the GeoExt trunk.
  • GeoExt ux have to be compatible between them and not break them each others.
  • Only the core committers can commit in the ux directory.
  • When a new ux is commited to the ux directory, its wiki page has to be listed at the bottom of this page.

GeoExt ux acceptance check list

These points have to been fullfiled

  1. A ticket has been created with the GeoExt ux code
    1. The core commiters review the code and, if the review is successful, commit it
    2. An ux wiki page (see below) has to be added to the list.
  2. The wiki page<GeoExtUxName> contains the following information
    1. GeoExt ux name
    2. GeoExt ux description
    3. Maintainer name
    4. Maintainer email
    5. Browser compatibility
    6. Compatibility with GeoExt version
    7. Link to GeoExt ux example
    8. Installation procedure
    9. Dependency with other code
  3. Maintainer has signed the contributor agreement
  4. Code conditions
    1. Structure and names should parallel that of GeoExt & Ext - with the addition of a ux namespace. For example, a form component would be located in a ux/widgets/form/ directory and would be named GeoExt.ux.form.MyComponent. Any xtype or ptype should be prefixed with gxux_.
    2. A documented code for the GeoExt ux
    3. The license header of GeoExt
    4. An example using the GeoExt ux
    5. Unit tests

GeoExt ux's List

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