PSC Meeting Feb 02, 2009, 16:00 UTC


The proposed agenda is:

  1. Roadmap
    • Creation of tickets (LayerManager (add, browse), LayerTree, LayerQuery (+grid), LayerStyler (+legend))
  2. License
    • Status of discussion with ExtJS (Chris/Eric)
    • Status of copyrights to OSGeo (Tim)
  3. Trac
    • Proposal of organization (Cédric)
  4. Community sollicitation
    • Status (whit, cmoullet)
    • Mailing list (Eric)
  5. SSH access to (Eric)
  6. PSC status


  • Some tickets have already been created. tschaub will send an email in order to define the feature list for v1, then tickets will be created




  • New Trac structure has been created

Community sollicitation

  • cmoullet/whit to work together to define sollicitations. The way how to work with community is not clear.
  • Mailing list: dev@…, commits@…, users@…, psc@… are created. Tim will provide the list of subscriber and Eric will inform community and send an email saying that the new list must be used, with a deadline


  • tschaub now has ssh access to To be tested.

PSC status

  • Temporary PSC is now a definitive PSC. elem will analyse the OL processes in order to use them (or not) in GeoExt. For example, for the eligibility of PSC members


  • RFC process will be used in a second phase, but we encourage anybody to write up the big story before creating tickets.
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