PSC Meeting Dec 17, 2008, 15:00 UTC


The proposed agenda is:

  1. Committers
    • initial committers
    • how to become a committer
  2. Roadmap
    • share vision on what types of components GeoExt includes
    • discuss a short-term roadmap - what will go into GeoExt first
  3. Release
    • Frequency of releases, in sync with OpenLayers?
    • Stable trunk?
  4. License
    • keep GPL3 or find another solution
  5. Hosting
    • by OSGeo? keep as is?
  6. Trac
    • devide trac in topics
  7. IRC / mailing list
    • define the IRC and mailing list
  8. Call for participation
    • result
  9. Tasks TBD
    • what tasks?


The following developers have currently been identified:

  • Andreas Hocevar
  • Bart van den Eijnden
  • Eric Lemoine
  • Frédéric Junod
  • Patrick Valsecchi
  • Pierre Giraud
  • Tim Coulter
  • Tim Schaub

PSC meeting summary

This list of commiter is accepeted. Nomination of commiters and PSC members is decided by PSC and is discussed between PSC members prior to public announcement on the mailing list.


What's in SVN today:

  1. Eric and Fredéric have started added code to GeoExt. The added classes are:
    • FeatureReader: an Ext reader class for converting features into records
    • FeatureStoreMediator: a convenience class for adding and removing features from a store of features
    • LayerStoreMediator: a class for updating a store when features of a layer are added, remove or modified
    • ProtocolProxy: an Ext proxy for fetching features through an OpenLayers protocol
  2. Tim added a build configuration directory for use with jsbuild.
  3. Define the next contributions (existing and not existing code) through tickets

PSC meeting summary

Create basic components for creating application with the following functionalities:

  1. add layers
  2. query layers
  3. reorder/toggle vis with layer tree
  4. legend
  5. layer info
  6. add/browse new services
  7. feature grid (if not included in 2.)

Tickets wil be created for every components and will be dicussed in the mailing list


  1. Synchronization of release with OL / EXT JS
  2. Stability of the trunk

PSC meeting summary

In a first time,release will be planned release based on feature. The goal is to have a 1.0 release in 3 months. A review/test/commit process will be used to ensure the stablity of trunk.


  1. Finalize the discussion
  2. Copyrights ?

PSC meeting summary

Chris Holmes will ask ExtJS regarding the licencing. Eric Lemoine will inform Chris about details. Copyrigths: Tim Schaub will write a draft proposal for giving the copyrights to osgeo.


  1. Move the trac to OSGeo, keep as it is ?

PSC meeting summary

The hosting will stay as it is.


  1. Organize the trac to have an easy way to navigate. Possible sub topics: download / community / developpement / documentation / gallery

PSC meeting summary

Cédric Moullet will organize the Trac.

IRC / mailing list

  1. Create an IRC (#geoext) and mailing lists dev@…, commits@…, users@…

PSC meeting summary

IRC: use #geoext on Mailing lists: create 4 mailing lists: dev@…, commits@…, users@…, trac@… and psc@…

Call for participation

  1. Discuss the result

Tasks to be done

PSC meeting summary

  • Organize Trac: Cédric Moullet
  • Roadmap: Tim Schaub
  • Osgeo Copyrights: Tim Schaub
  • License: Eric Lemoine / Chris Holmes
  • Mailing list: Eric Lemoine
  • Community sollicitation: whit, cmoullet will propose topics
  • Tickets: all


A public log of the meeting from IRC.

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