PSC Meeting Dec 16, 2008, 15:00 UTC


The proposed agenda is:

  1. Committers
    • initial committers
    • how to become a committer
  2. Roadmap
    • share vision on what types of components GeoExt includes
    • discuss a short-term roadmap - what will go into GeoExt first
  3. Release
    • Frequency of releases, in sync with OpenLayers?
    • Stable trunk?
  4. License
    • keep GPL3 or find another solution
  5. Hosting
    • by OSGeo? keep as is?
  6. Trac
    • devide trac in topics
  7. IRC / mailing list
    • define the IRC and mailing list
  8. Call for participation
    • result
  9. Tasks TBD
    • what tasks?


The following developers have currently been identified:

  • Andreas Hocevar
  • Bart van den Eijnden
  • Eric Lemoine
  • Frédéric Junod
  • Patrick Valsecchi
  • Pierre Giraud
  • Tim Coulter
  • Tim Schaub


What's in SVN today:

  1. Eric and Fredéric have started added code to GeoExt. The added classes are:
    • FeatureReader: an Ext reader class for converting features into records
    • FeatureStoreMediator: a convenience class for adding and removing features from a store of features
    • LayerStoreMediator: a class for updating a store when features of a layer are added, remove or modified
    • ProtocolProxy: an Ext proxy for fetching features through an OpenLayers protocol
  2. Tim added a build configuration directory for use with jsbuild.
  3. Define the next contributions (existing and not existing code) through tickets


  1. Finalize the discussion
  2. Copyrights ?


  1. Synchronization of release with OL / EXT JS
  2. Stability of the trunk


  1. Move the trac to OSGeo, keep as it is ?


  1. Organize the trac to have an easy way to navigate. Possible sub topics: download / community / developpement / documentation / gallery

IRC / mailing list

  1. Create an IRC (#geoext) and mailing lists dev@…, commits@…, users@…

Call for participation

  1. Discuss the result

Tasks to be done

  1. Potentiel tasks
    • Trac
    • IRC
    • Mailing list
    • Roadmap / Tickets
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