PSC Meeting Dec 9, 2008

In attendance:

  • Bart van den Eijnden
  • Andreas Hocevar
  • Eric Lemoine
  • Cedric Moullet
  • Tim Schaub


I think we all agreed to the following:

  • We want GeoExt to be a full-featured toolkit for assembling ExtJS based applications using OpenLayers.
  • As with OpenLayers, we want to remain server neutral (allowing applications to be built with standards based services or custom services).
  • We want a low barrier to entry for people coming in with ExtJS or OpenLayers development experience.

Meeting Goals

Based on a previous meeting on the #mapfish channel, the following objectives were enumerated for this meeting:

  • Website (priority 1)
  • Trac (priority 1)
  • Roadmap (priority 1)
  • General Architecture of GeoExt and MapFish (priority 2)
  • Commit rules (priority 2)
  • Organization of releases (priority 2)

Executive Summary

Eric and Cedric presented a proposal suggesting that communication channels and web space for GeoExt be combined with MapFish (mailing list, irc, website, trac). Quite a bit of discussion followed regarding the motivation for, possible benefits of, and possible drawbacks of this. In the end, we reached consensus to not make any changes to the existing infrastructure (svn repo, trac/web site, mailing list). Further, we agreed that we were all anxious to move on to discussion regarding a roadmap for development.

Some more detail

Though it wasn't really clear until an hour into the meeting, we were basically discussing two alternative proposals regarding infrastructure and communication:

  1. Merge GeoExt communication & development with MapFish (web space, communication channels, community).
  2. Do nothing. (Leave MapFish as it is. Keep the existing GeoExt repository, mailing list, website/trac.)

Camptocamp expressed concerns about "hollowing out" MapFish and raised the potential of confusing any existing community of users by having an independent set of communication channels and web space for GeoExt.

We all agreed that we want to do nothing to disrupt the MapFish incubation process with OSGeo, and do not think it makes sense to proceed by pulling large pieces of code out of MapFish to establish a new project.

We also agreed that GeoExt as an independent project is nowhere near being ready for consideration as an OSGeo project. For organizations concerned about the ownership of GeoExt code, we will investigate opportunities for OSGeo or some other trusted body to accept copyright assignment.

The suggestion was made to let MapFish proceed "undisturbed" in OSGeo incubation while letting GeoExt evolve naturally on its own for a while. When GeoExt matures to the point where it is ready for a stable release, Camptocamp (or a future MapFish PSC) could evaluate whether it makes sense to restructure MapFish in any way. Since there are multiple organizations & individuals who have an interest in incorporating GeoExt into a stack or framework or other software, we want to provide the same opportunity for all.

With a discussion on changing infrastructure behind us for now, we are enthusiastic about moving on to discussion about real development - and we will prioritize the design of an initial roadmap for GeoExt. This roadmap design, of course, should involve anybody interested in participating.

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