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     1= Announcing GeoExt 1.0-rc1 =
     3The GeoExt Development Team is proud to announce the first release candidate of GeoExt 1.1.
     5With GeoExt 1.1, more than 80 issues were addressed, from tickets reported on [ github] and [ trac].
     7Some of the highlights include:
     9 * Simple i18n framework to facilitate localization of applications
     10 * TreeNodeActions plugin for rendering tree nodes with actions
     11 * More layer types supported by {{{}}}
     12 * New data and grid components for visualizing and editing styles
     13 * More flexible popup positioning
     15The release notes for GeoExt 1.1-rc1 are available at To upgrade from a previous release, read the section on API changes.
     17The release can be downloaded at
     19We invite you to test GeoExt 1.1-rc1. To do so, download the above archive. Stylesheet and script tags in your application should point to {{{resources/css/geoext-all.css}}} and {{{script/GeoExt.js}}}. You will also need OpenLayers (version 2.11 or higher recommended) and Ext JS 3 (version 3.4.0 or higher recommended).
     21Bug reports can be filed in Trac, under the 1.1 RC1 version. Regressions should be filed under the 1.1 milestone. Also, feel free to fork us on github ( and send pull requests.
     23Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback.