Announcing GeoExt 1.0

The GeoExt Development Team is proud to announce the final release of GeoExt 1.0.

This release closes 64 outstanding tickets, including 30 new features or enhancements and 25 bug fixes. Some of the highlights include:

  • New KaMap encoder for
  • New GeoExt.tree.WMSCapabilitiesLoader to build a tree representing a WMS GetCapabilities response
  • New GeoExt.plugins.TreeNodeComponent to render tree nodes with an additional Ext.Component (e.g. a GeoExt.LayerLegend)

The release notes for GeoExt 1.0 are available at To upgrade from a previous release, read the section on API changes.

The release can be downloaded at

To use GeoExt 1.0, download the above archive or use the live API at Stylesheet and script tags in your application should point to resources/css/geoext-all.css and script/GeoExt.js. You will also need OpenLayers (version 2.10 or higher recommended) and Ext JS (version 3.2 or higher recommended).

Bug reports can be filed in Trac, under the 1.0 version.

Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback.

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