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GeoExt 0.7 Release Notes

Work In Progress

These notes summarize the new features and list bug fixes included since the last release.



  • Ext JS >= 2.2
  • OpenLayers >= 2.9

GeoExt 0.7 was tested with Ext JS 2.2.1 and OpenLayers 2.9.

Overview Of GeoExt 0.7 Features

Data components

  • New PrintPage added. This represents a print page, i.e. a map plus other objects (text) to be printed.


  • New PrintProviderField added. This is a plugin for form fields that provides synchronization with a PrintProvider, i.e. the PrintProvider is notified when values change in the form and vice-versa.
  • New PrintPageField added. This is a plugin for form fields that provides synchronization with a PrintPage, i.e. the PrintPage is notified when values change in the form and vice-versa.
  • New PrintExtent added. This is a plugin for MapPanel that handles a collection of PrintPage's, and a TransformFeature control to modify the map to be printed.
  • New AttributeForm added. This is a plugin for form panels that creates form fields from records of an AttributeStore and adds them to the form panel.

State components

  • New PermalinkProvider added. This is a state provider to create permalinks from state values provided by stateful components.


  • New PrintMapPanel added. This is a specific MapPanel for printing the current map viewport.
  • New FeatureRenderer added. This is a specific BoxComponent for rendering a vector feature. This component is for example used by the new VectorLegend component.
  • New VectorLegend added. This allows having legends for vector layers in a LegendPanel.
  • New RadioButtonMixin added. Adding a radio button to layer nodes is now done using a RadionButtonMixin.
  • Make the MapPanel stateful. This allows restoring the position, layer visibility, and layer opacity of a map from one page load to another.
  • Enhance the WMSLegend component so it supports the SCALE parameter in GetLegendGraphic requests.

Bug fixes

API Changes Since 0.6

  • LegendPanel: showTitle, labelCls, bodyStyle and legendOptions config options removed. Use the defaults config option instead to configure showTitle, labelCls and style (instead of bodyStyle for the legend items. If you e.g. had the following:
    legendPanel = new GeoExt.LegendPanel({ 
        labelCls: 'mylabel',
        legendDefaults: {
            imageFormat: 'image/png'
        bodyStyle: 'padding:5px', 
    you would have to change that to:
    legendPanel = new GeoExt.LegendPanel({ 
        defaults: { 
            labelCls: 'mylabel', 
            style: 'padding:5px',
            imageFormat: 'image/png'
        bodyStyle: 'padding:5px', 
  • to add radio buttons to layer nodes you now need to use the RadioButtonMixin.

To create a layer node UI with a radio button do:

// create our own layer node UI class, using the RadioButtonMixin
var LayerNodeUI = Ext.extend(
  GeoExt.tree.LayerNodeUI, new GeoExt.tree.RadioButtonMixin()

Then, to use that layer node UI, configure the loader with something like this:

loader: {
    baseAttrs: {
        radioGroup: "foo",
        uiProvider: "use_radio"

and provide set uiProviders in the options passed to the TreePanel:

uiProviders: {
    "use_radio": LayerNodeUI