Announcing: GeoExt 0.7 RC1

The GeoExt Development Team is proud to announce the first release candidate of GeoExt 0.7.

This release includes new data components, plugins, state components, and widgets. Some of the highlights of this release includes:

  • print components for PDF printing with the MapFish print module, which is also now packaged as a GeoServer extension
  • a plugin for creating forms from WFS DescribeFeatureType responses
  • a permalink provider to create permalink from stateful components (MapPanel is now stateful)
  • a vector legend component to have legends for vector layers in the LegendPanel
  • support of the SCALE GetLegendGraphic parameter in WMSLegend

The release notes for GeoExt 0.7 are available in

The release candidate is downloadable at

We invite you to help us test this release candidate. For this download the above archive and change your script tag so your application loads the GeoExt.js file of the archive. You will also need the trunk version of OpenLayers.

Bug reports can be filed in Trac, under the 0.7 RC1 version. Any regressions should be filed under the 0.7 milestone.

Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback.

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