GeoExt 0.6 Release Notes

This release of GeoExt includes many new widgets and data components. These notes summarize the new features and list bug fixes included since the last release.


  • Ext JS >= 2.2
  • OpenLayers >= 2.8 (see notes below about features that require higher than 2.8)

GeoExt 0.6 was tested with Ext JS 2.2.1 and OpenLayers revision 9737.

Overview Of GeoExt 0.6 Features


  • New LayerParamNode added. This lets you configure your layer tree to display one node for each layer listed in the LAYERS (or any other) parameter of a WMS request. You can use the same to display one layer node for each of any entry in a parameter list.
  • New FeatureSelectionModel added. This allows you to bind selection in a grid with feature records to feature selection on a layer.
  • The LayerContainer widget got a couple enhancements for better drag/drop support and flexibility in configuring child nodes.
  • Layer nodes can now be rendered with a radio input instead of a checkbox. This gives you exclusive visibility for layers in the same group.
  • Many LegendPanel enhancements including support for refreshing the legend when layer parameters change, deriving the legend URL from capabilities documents, and providing a filter to limit layers shown in the legend.

Data Components

  • New WFSCapabilitiesStore and WFSCapabilitiesReader added. This store and associated reader handle WFS capabilities responses, creating a store of vector layer records.
  • New WMSDescribeLayerStore and WMSDescribeLayerReader added. These can be used to generate and store records representing WMS layer attributes advertised in WMS DescribeLayer documents.
  • New WMCReader added. This reader creates layer records based on Web Map Context documents.
  • More features for the WMSCapabilitiesReader. Layers derived from the reader now get attribution metadata and can be created with user supplied options. The reader can also take advantage of additional elements parsed by the OpenLayers format for applications using the latest from the OpenLayers trunk.

Bug fixes


  • Radio buttons on tree nodes are no longer unchecked at the start of a drag (#112).
  • LayerNode no longer changes defaults on the node UI (#114).
  • Layer node text no longer updated if provided in the node config (#110).

  • Overlay and base layer containers now call superclasses with correct arguments (#111).

  • Test improvements (#105).

  • Reader now respects fields from configuration (#157).

  • Reader still works with OpenLayers 2.8 (#162).

  • Several FeatureStore fixes related to editing and Ext 3.0 (#132, #134, #142, #143).

  • Only calls convert when convert available (#159).

  • Now can be constructed with no arguments (#136).


  • No longer fails when update called early (#148).


  • Fixes for capabilities without style (#140) and proper use of STYLE (#163).

OpenLayers Compatibility

This release includes several new features that take advantage of functionality added to OpenLayers after the 2.8 release. If you previously used GeoExt 0.5 in your application, you should be able to upgrade to GeoExt 0.6 and use OpenLayers 2.8 without any trouble. However, if you wish to take advantage of some of the new features in GeoExt 0.6, you will need to use a more recent OpenLayers build than the 2.8 release.

Features that require more than OpenLayers 2.8

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