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Contributor Agreement

The GeoExt project requires that all contributors sign the agreement below and email a scanned copy to the GeoExt Project Steering Committee (psc [at]

List of Contributors

The contributors below have signed Contributor Agreements on file. Subversion user names shown next to individuals. Where organizations or other entities signed an agreement instead of an individual, the affiliation is shown next to the individual's name. Contributors may be covered by agreements as an individual and within an organization.

Name SVN User Agreements
Sebastian Benthall sbenthall Individual, OpenGeo
Tim Coulter tcoulter Individual, OpenGeo
Alexandre Dubé adube Individual, MapGears
Pierre Giraud pgiraud Camptocamp
Andreas Hocevar ahocevar OpenGeo
Frédéric Junod fredj Camptocamp
Daniel Kastl dkastl Individual
Julien-Samuel Lacroix juliensam Individual, MapGears
Eric Lemoine elemoine Camptocamp
Whit Morris whit OpenGeo
Cédric Moullet cmoullet Camptocamp
Tim Schaub tschaub Individual, OpenGeo
Patrick Valsecchi Camptocamp
Bart van den Eijnden bartvde Individual
François Van Der Biest fvanderbiest Camptocamp
Charles David Winslow dwins Individual, OpenGeo

The following organizations have signed Contributor Agreements on file. Individual contributors from these organizations are covered by these agreements.

  • Camptocamp
  • Mapgears
  • Occam Labs
  • OpenGeo
  • terrestris