Drake is a GeoExplorer application, intended to browse a WMS service with a coupled WFS, letting the user navigate layers, view WFS query results, and generally explore the geographic data available. The project hopes to provide some use cases driving GeoExt development, as well as some example code for those trying to get off the ground.

Getting Started

Drake currently requires a proxy set up such that /geoserver/wfs is a valid WFS service and /geoserver/wms is a valid WMS service on the local server. Additionally, you'll need to be able to serve static files somewhere on the same port. Apache's httpd is an example of a webserver that can be configured that way; the proxy configuration will look like:

ProxyPass /geoserver
ProxyPassReverse /geoserver

Once your webserver is set up, all you need to do is svn co drake

The actual page containing the drake app will be at apps/drake/index.html within the newly created working directory.

Once you've got that working, you can dig into the code! You should also join the mailing list and IRC channel to chat with the developers about the app. We look forward to hearing from you!


Since Drake is intended to provide a basis for discussion about the direction and design of GeoExt, here's a list of topics we're thinking about:

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