23:54 Changeset [650] by whit
make examples a directory
23:53 Changeset [649] by whit
link about to root
23:49 Changeset [648] by whit
fix up link
23:48 Changeset [647] by whit
rename developer to developer/index
23:47 Changeset [646] by whit
add a folder for developer docs
23:46 Changeset [645] by whit
fix up links after move
23:46 Changeset [644] by whit
fix up links after move, labels
23:41 Changeset [643] by whit
move lib.rst to lib/index.rst
23:38 Changeset [642] by tcoulter
Linking to the "prim-er" from the tutorials page.
23:29 Changeset [641] by whit
add some links. will populate more later
23:25 Changeset [640] by whit
adding a developer docs page
22:59 Changeset [639] by whit
import default
22:53 Changeset [638] by whit
break out the 3 main tutorial sections
22:51 Changeset [637] by tcoulter
First draft of Layers heading on the OL Primer.
22:34 Changeset [636] by whit
22:34 Changeset [635] by whit
cargo cult tenzo's sphinx template
22:33 Changeset [634] by whit
update links
19:25 Changeset [633] by whit
19:24 Changeset [632] by whit
19:24 Changeset [631] by whit
fixing up cfg to match readme
18:53 Changeset [630] by whit
fix links using :doc:
18:38 Changeset [629] by whit
add a download page
18:31 Changeset [628] by whit
linewraps, minor edits
18:13 Changeset [627] by whit
18:13 Changeset [626] by whit
17:58 Changeset [625] by dwins
fix up links in quickstart
17:38 Changeset [624] by whit
update to treat www as base directory
17:36 Changeset [623] by whit
fix path to server cfg
17:09 Changeset [622] by dwins
Fix code formatting in quickstart tutorial.
17:04 Changeset [621] by ahocevar
added license files in build.cfg and readme with build instructions …
16:05 Changeset [620] by ahocevar
changed ows url to local geoserver instance
00:16 Changeset [619] by dwins
First stab at quickstart content.
00:12 Changeset [618] by ahocevar
created single file build configuration (see …
00:07 Changeset [617] by ahocevar
updated tree node code to match latest patch for #22


23:37 Changeset [616] by tcoulter
Changing zoom min and max values to fix #171, #172, and #173.
21:44 Changeset [615] by dwins
Reimplement per-layer getfeature requests without modifying the …
21:33 Changeset [614] by sbenthall
bring [Layer/Feature]Record classes and tests in line with trunk
21:30 Changeset [613] by sbenthall
updating mod.txt
21:29 Changeset [612] by sbenthall
updating mod.txt
21:28 Changeset [611] by sbenthall
organizing modifications.txt a bit
21:26 Changeset [610] by sbenthall
applied latest patch for #57
21:24 Changeset [609] by sbenthall
bringing sandbox LayerStore and LayerStore tests in line with trunk …
20:16 Changeset [608] by sbenthall
some notes on modifications.txt
00:41 Changeset [607] by dwins
Fix typo
00:39 Changeset [606] by dwins
Handle single layers and empty result sets better in popups.


23:48 Changeset [605] by whit
rest error
22:49 Changeset [604] by dwins
Fix problem where openlayers was requesting invalid tiles even with …
21:43 Changeset [603] by whit
move tutorials to own page
21:40 Changeset [602] by ahocevar
some css fixes, and a workaround to prevent semi-transparent pixels …
21:36 Changeset [601] by dwins
Remove some alerts leftover from ie debugging
21:30 Changeset [600] by dwins
Implement tabs for GetFeatureInfo requests, update popup code to …
20:53 Changeset [599] by whit
adding rollie's design to docs
20:52 Changeset [598] by whit
adding rollie's design to docs
18:44 Changeset [597] by whit
adding a todo
14:57 Ticket #60 (incorrect map initialization sequence in MapPanel within a layout) created by pgiraud
In some use cases (ie. when the MapPanel is part of a layout), the …
13:46 Ticket #56 (Add ability to use mapping for complex objects in FeatureReader) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [596]) Add ability to use mapping for complex objects in …
13:46 Changeset [596] by elemoine
Add ability to use mapping for complex objects in FeatureReader, …
02:09 Changeset [595] by dwins
Handle the case where no tile alignment works (ie, the layer overlaps …


22:04 Changeset [594] by dwins
Add support for TMS-friendly mode and have the getfeatureinfo control …
20:44 Changeset [593] by whit
adding python dependency section
18:33 Changeset [592] by whit
add a dependency section to alert of C-deps
16:15 Changeset [591] by elemoine
SQLite3 development files are required to install the GeoExtSite package


20:55 Ticket #59 (WMS capabilities sample doesnt show map in IE8) created by cmoullet
01:08 Changeset [590] by whit
comment out active post bootstrap code
00:53 Changeset [589] by whit
autobuild at end of setup_websites
00:48 Changeset [588] by tschaub
New marker for api doc comments is api instead of jst.
00:47 Changeset [587] by tschaub
docsrc_url is now full path to docsrc
00:37 Changeset [586] by tschaub
Pointing to new jstools release and avoiding trouble from build_all.


22:04 Ticket #58 (layer and feature record copy should not clone layer and feature) created by tschaub
When we copy a layer or feature record, we clone the OpenLayers …
21:56 Changeset [585] by whit
add ref labels
21:25 Changeset [584] by sbenthall
give new records added from CapGrid a unique id
21:20 Changeset [583] by sbenthall
patch to keep LayerStore in sync with Map when a record is replaced
21:16 Ticket #57 (LayerStore and bound Map get out of sync when record is replaced ...) created by sbenthall
If you have a LayerStore with a record with some id, and you add …
21:15 Changeset [582] by tschaub
sphinx was choking on this indentation
20:53 Changeset [581] by whit
add parse docs to the task deps for build_all
20:16 Changeset [580] by whit
remove tutorial outline to tutorial index
20:15 Changeset [579] by whit
commit labels
20:10 Changeset [578] by whit
point docsrc at sandbox
19:58 Changeset [577] by tschaub
don't think this is necessary
19:52 Changeset [576] by tschaub
Making a copy of trunk docsrc.
19:30 Changeset [575] by whit
creating a tutorial index
18:22 Changeset [574] by tschaub
Adding information about where this license applies. Adding notice …
18:14 Changeset [573] by whit
18:12 Changeset [572] by whit
openlayers primer stub
16:51 Changeset [571] by whit
* typo * document for ext-primer
16:47 Changeset [570] by whit
add a tutorials directory
16:45 Changeset [569] by whit
initial breakdown of tutorials from notes
16:34 Changeset [568] by sbenthall
stopping double click events on the PanPanel in GeoExplorer.js until …
03:23 Changeset [567] by tschaub
trim title
03:19 Changeset [566] by tschaub
adding detail on directory structure
02:42 Changeset [565] by tschaub
updating readme with a bit more detail
02:24 Changeset [564] by tschaub
ug - adding back dirs until next jstools release
00:53 Changeset [563] by tschaub
removing unnecessary dirs
00:24 Changeset [562] by tschaub
Defining the GeoExt module in the API reference index page.


22:05 Changeset [561] by tschaub
mock content
22:05 Changeset [560] by tschaub
Index contains toctree but content comes from front_page.html
22:05 Changeset [559] by tschaub
Some sections to be filled in on docs page.
21:28 Changeset [558] by tschaub
docsrc/lib dir will look just like the geoext/lib dir
21:26 Changeset [557] by tschaub
Doing the equivalent of make clean html.
21:23 Changeset [556] by tschaub
Adding a placeholder for index.
21:21 Changeset [555] by tschaub
Setting the html_additional_pages config value to indicate that our …
21:11 Changeset [554] by tschaub
All content in the www dir will be accessible online (sphinx should …
20:49 Changeset [553] by tschaub
Getting specific about what we require.
20:10 Changeset [552] by sbenthall
putting a width on the bookmark window
18:42 Changeset [551] by sbenthall
deselect cap grid rows on closing cap grid window
18:41 Changeset [550] by dwins
Fix the case where the user activates the tool by choosing the …
17:38 CallParticipation edited by Mario
16:38 Ticket #56 (Add ability to use mapping for complex objects in FeatureReader) created by bbinet
Currently, FeatureReader is able to use mapping like that : […] But …
08:23 Changeset [549] by tschaub
adding places for docs
08:14 Changeset [548] by tschaub
07:45 Changeset [547] by tschaub
index placeholder
07:43 Changeset [546] by tschaub
shuffling files
07:19 Changeset [545] by tschaub
Docs for MapPanel (see #53).
07:07 Changeset [544] by tschaub
Hiding class name before method name.
07:05 Changeset [543] by tschaub
Docs for FeatureStore and tweaks for others (see #53).
06:24 Ticket #55 (replace addFeatureFilter config with event and provide a featureFilter ...) created by tschaub
The addFeatureFilter config property suggests that an …
05:58 Changeset [542] by tschaub
Docs for FeatureRecord. Since copy and create are exactly as in Ext, …
05:39 Ticket #54 (clarify totalRecords property on FeatureReader) created by tschaub
The totalRecords property doesn't look to be set anywhere by the …
05:33 Changeset [541] by tschaub
One blank line required. Removing others to conserve some space.
05:27 Changeset [540] by tschaub
Removing docs that will be auto-generated.
05:22 Changeset [539] by tschaub
Adding rst doc comments for FeatureReader (see #53).
05:21 Changeset [538] by tschaub
simplifying the landing page for now
05:20 Changeset [537] by tschaub
Deciding that the singular is more natural to write.
04:12 Changeset [536] by tschaub
removing inheritance example
04:10 Changeset [535] by tschaub
the base documentation page
04:09 Changeset [534] by tschaub
all files need to be in a toctree
03:52 Changeset [533] by tschaub
calling 4 spaces a tab
03:46 Changeset [532] by tschaub
moving this back to lib.rst to make room for docs next to the api reference
01:48 Changeset [531] by tschaub
grabbing docsrc from the temporary sandbox
01:47 Changeset [530] by tschaub
getting ready to replace this with the sandbox version
01:41 Changeset [529] by tschaub
building website from the core/trunk
01:33 Changeset [528] by tschaub
this task no longer works after r511 - the try/except there was about …
01:22 Ticket #53 (convert doc comments to reStructuredText with jst labels) created by tschaub


23:50 Changeset [527] by tschaub
tests moved to jstools
21:10 Changeset [526] by dwins
Redid fix for #170 in order to get things working in IE.
20:53 Changeset [525] by dwins
Swallow some mouse events to avoid #170 (clicks on scale chooser …
17:09 Changeset [524] by whit
remove lib.rst for now (may return as we work out doc structure)
17:07 Changeset [523] by whit
move website bits to static and move contents of lib.rst to here
17:05 Changeset [522] by whit
fix api ref link
17:05 Changeset [521] by whit
add readme for themeing notes with link to trac wiki about ui customization
17:04 Changeset [520] by whit
leave index pickles (to speed rebuilds?)
16:03 Changeset [519] by whit
15:59 Changeset [518] by whit
moving tschaubs index out of docs and to index
15:49 Changeset [517] by whit
remove ws
15:23 Changeset [516] by whit
removing old jst.py
15:09 Changeset [515] by whit
update docs to include paster url info
14:50 Changeset [514] by whit
add trac env
14:36 Changeset [513] by whit
fix path to index.html
14:35 Changeset [512] by whit
add back trac
14:13 Changeset [511] by whit
point docparser import at new location in new jstools pre-release
11:52 Changeset [510] by elemoine
FeatureStore.addFeaturesToLayer fails when there are no input records, …
09:00 Ticket #52 (FeatureStore.addFeaturesToLayer fails when there are no input records) created by fvanderbiest
The enclosed patch adresses the issue which results in a fatal call to …
05:14 Changeset [509] by whit
add a wsgi trac socket that pulls in trac
02:09 Changeset [508] by tschaub
simplified index with example


22:07 Changeset [507] by dwins
Re-adding the xhtml doctype so IE will render in strict mode.
22:03 Changeset [506] by dwins
Use 16x16 image for geoexplorer logo button.
21:04 Changeset [505] by tschaub
more readme detail
20:53 Changeset [504] by tschaub
Adding checkout info to readme.
20:52 Changeset [503] by whit
removing uneeded tracwsgi plugin
20:35 Changeset [502] by dwins
Only query layers advertised as queryable.
20:30 Changeset [501] by whit
point jstools at github download
18:26 Ticket #50 (WMSCapabilitiesRecord.js does not exists) closed by sbenthall
fixed: (In [500]) Removes reference to WMSCapabilitiesRecord, which does not …
18:26 Changeset [500] by sbenthall
Removes reference to WMSCapabilitiesRecord, which does not exist, from …
18:20 Changeset [499] by sbenthall
using gray geoext theme now to get the right anchor color
18:17 Changeset [498] by sbenthall
making gxtheme-gray.css as geoext style sheet for compatibility with …
18:13 Ticket #51 (gxtheme-gray.css for geoext theming compatible with ext's xtheme-gray.css) created by sbenthall
Ext has support for alternate themes via style sheets like …
18:12 Changeset [497] by ahocevar
reverted previous doctype change and fixes the pan/zoom buttons issue …
18:11 Changeset [496] by ahocevar
set defaults for minValue and maxValue to prevent issues with thumb …
16:51 Changeset [495] by dwins
Fix remove-layer button icon (CSS is case-sensitive now that we are …
16:19 Changeset [494] by ahocevar
don't use the non-API function createURLObject any more, because it …
14:22 Changeset [493] by ahocevar
add a doctype to avoid quirks mode.
11:49 Changeset [492] by tschaub
inherit takes a list of source file objects
11:31 Changeset [491] by tschaub
separating the build and update tasks
11:30 Changeset [490] by tschaub
code cleanup
11:13 Ticket #50 (WMSCapabilitiesRecord.js does not exists) created by bbinet
r453 has added an include to "GeoExt/data/WMSCapabilitiesRecord.js" …
11:00 Changeset [489] by tschaub
create source file obj from string
10:55 Changeset [488] by tschaub
fewer spaces
10:55 Changeset [487] by tschaub
refactor comment extraction


23:04 Changeset [486] by sbenthall
disabling Action instead of component.
22:52 Changeset [485] by sbenthall
disables removeLayer action after its handler has been triggered.
21:24 Changeset [484] by tschaub
demonstrate inheritance
21:19 Changeset [483] by tschaub
support inheritance
20:48 Changeset [482] by dwins
corrected license info in about.html
20:45 Changeset [481] by dwins
Address some styling concerns in the About dialog, including centering …
20:16 Changeset [480] by dwins
Fix layout for capabilities grid, see #162
20:12 Ticket #21 (Popup) closed by sbenthall
fixed: (In [479]) IE fixes for Popups. Tests now pass. Example works. Anchor …
20:12 Changeset [479] by sbenthall
IE fixes for Popups. Tests now pass. Example works. Anchor graphic …
18:53 Changeset [478] by dwins
Fix up the scale overlay in IE
17:52 Changeset [477] by ahocevar
added tiled and tilesorigin parameters to avoid repeated labels. I …
16:35 Ticket #49 (specific form Action, BasicForm and FormPanel) created by elemoine
This ticket is about adding (1) a specific Ext.form.Action, namely …
16:21 Changeset [476] by dwins
Styling tweaks to 'about' dialog


18:22 Changeset [475] by tschaub
expand names for readibility
18:15 Changeset [474] by tschaub
Moving more sphinx specific syntax out of source and into template.
18:13 Changeset [473] by tschaub
removing context in favor of using filters in templates
02:47 Changeset [472] by tschaub
Grab js source when updating docs.
02:45 Changeset [471] by tschaub
using define to avoid newline
02:31 Changeset [470] by tschaub
style tweaks
01:23 Changeset [469] by tschaub
moving template from code source to doc source
01:22 Changeset [468] by tschaub
reversing earlier decision - templates go with other doc stuff instead …
00:48 Changeset [467] by tschaub
works without pdb


23:16 Ticket #41 (Implement ScaleStore) closed by sbenthall
fixed: (In [466]) A ScaleStore, which takes a map and provides records with …
23:16 Changeset [466] by sbenthall
A ScaleStore, which takes a map and provides records with information …
21:33 Changeset [465] by whit
contain import
21:17 Changeset [464] by whit
remove 2.5 deps
20:38 CallParticipation edited by ellian
18:31 Ticket #48 (IE6 Map panel in Window loaded with x-type fails) created by sbenthall
In IE6, loading a MapPanel into a Window by its x-type appears to …
17:07 Changeset [463] by dwins
Fix typo in previous commit.
17:06 Changeset [462] by dwins
Avoid showing popups when they would be empty (#157)
07:58 Changeset [461] by tschaub
whole word
07:58 Changeset [460] by tschaub
basic doctests
02:59 Changeset [459] by tschaub
Using keys in bracket notation to order items in docs.
02:57 Changeset [458] by tschaub
Supporting bracket notation with keys for generating ordered lists in …
02:34 Changeset [457] by tschaub
moving general template
02:32 Changeset [456] by tschaub
Templates should live near js source.
01:59 Changeset [455] by tschaub
Code shuffle. Deciding that label marker should always be jst:. …
00:21 Ticket #44 (rename anchor method on popups) closed by tschaub
fixed: (In [454]) Renaming the anchor and unanchor methods so they don't …
00:21 Changeset [454] by tschaub
Renaming the anchor and unanchor methods so they don't conflict with …


22:29 Tickets #9,​26 batch updated by sbenthall
fixed: (In [453]) WMSCapabilitiesReader and WMSCapabilitiesStore classes, …
22:29 Changeset [453] by sbenthall
WMSCapabilitiesReader and WMSCapabilitiesStore classes, example, and …
19:33 license edited by tschaub
19:14 license edited by tschaub
19:01 license edited by bartvde
textual (diff)
18:58 license edited by tschaub
18:56 license edited by tschaub
18:52 license edited by tschaub
18:48 license edited by tschaub
18:38 license edited by tschaub
18:38 license edited by tschaub
18:37 license edited by tschaub
18:31 license edited by tschaub
18:24 license edited by tschaub
17:57 license edited by tschaub
17:53 license edited by tschaub
17:38 license created by tschaub
15:46 Ticket #46 (Allow passing record constructor to featurestore.) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [452]) FeatureStore is configured with "fields" as opposed to …
15:46 Changeset [452] by elemoine
FeatureStore is configured with "fields" as opposed to "recordType", …
13:28 Ticket #47 (LayerStore configured with "fields" instead of "recordType") closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [451]) LayerStore configured with "fields" instead of …
13:28 Changeset [451] by elemoine
LayerStore configured with "fields" instead of "recordType", …
10:20 Ticket #47 (LayerStore configured with "fields" instead of "recordType") created by elemoine
Shouldn't we follow Ext (see Ext.data.JsonStore) and configure …
09:32 Changeset [450] by elemoine
revert changset 449
09:32 Changeset [449] by elemoine
just a svnaccess.conf test
02:31 Changeset [448] by tschaub
And the updated rst source - generated by build tool so doesn't need …
02:27 Changeset [447] by tschaub
Using a jinja template to produce rst based on context extracted from …
02:25 Changeset [446] by tschaub
Adding tool to parse rst from js source.
00:29 Changeset [445] by tschaub
using a copy of the trunk for now
00:28 Changeset [444] by tschaub
making a copy of the trunk in the website sandbox
00:27 Changeset [443] by tschaub
making a place for a copy of the trunk for website doc building
00:27 Changeset [442] by tschaub
needing a bit more structure here
00:22 Ticket #46 (Allow passing record constructor to featurestore.) created by dwins
I noticed the featurestore tests were failing due to the featurestore …
00:17 Changeset [441] by tschaub
Copy of the trunk for testing website doc building.


23:59 Changeset [440] by tschaub
get the whole trunk at least once
20:45 Changeset [439] by tschaub
Removing the requirement that the whole trunk is checked out just to …
19:55 Changeset [438] by tschaub
Adding initial doc sources.
19:51 Changeset [437] by tschaub
Add website build utilities.
19:26 Changeset [436] by tschaub
Adding a place for website building utilities.
19:26 CallParticipation edited by nacho
19:24 Changeset [435] by tschaub
Adding a place for documentation/website source files.
19:07 CallParticipation edited by simone.giannecchini
16:01 CallParticipation edited by carlos.lacerda
09:46 meetings/2009_04_15 edited by fredj
00:46 Changeset [434] by dwins
Adding logo (oops) for the about dialog.


21:10 Changeset [433] by dwins
A little bit of code cleanup, courtesy of javascript lint.
18:28 Changeset [432] by dwins
Add logo (thanks Rollie) and pull the about-page styling into a …
17:46 Changeset [431] by dwins
Add 'about this app' dialog when the 'GeoExplorer' button is pressed. #156


22:45 Changeset [430] by dwins
Add a script for making a checklist to go along with the smoke test script.
22:39 Changeset [429] by dwins
Add instructions for some smoke tests, to serve as a checklist for …
19:22 Changeset [428] by dwins
Allowing users to hide the intermediate measurement popups, #150
18:46 Changeset [427] by tschaub
Don't wrap tooltips.
18:32 Changeset [426] by dwins
Add scrollbars to popups when they are too small for the content (#154)
18:29 Changeset [425] by dwins
Use consistent styling for layer tree toolbar buttons (#153)


18:25 Changeset [424] by tschaub
Add scale slider, move some buttons around, tweak style.
18:23 Changeset [423] by tschaub
Add scale slider and tips (patch for #16)
18:21 Changeset [422] by tschaub
Give components a chance to do special processing before being added …
18:17 Ticket #45 (have map panel check items for addToMapPanel and removeFromMapPanel on ...) created by tschaub
If we give MapPanel aware components methods like addToMapPanel and …
15:46 Changeset [421] by elemoine
add comments to the js code of the feature grid example, no functional …
15:40 Ticket #43 (Add API Doc link to the wiki, and add cron job to generate NaturalDocs) closed by elemoine
fixed: the NaturalDocs script is run every day against trunk, the API doc is …
01:00 Changeset [420] by tschaub
css tweak
00:56 Changeset [419] by tschaub
Button tweaks.
00:08 Changeset [418] by tschaub
Avoid name conflict when popup is in container with anchor layout - …


23:58 Changeset [417] by dwins
use name instead of id to generate panel ids
23:54 Ticket #44 (rename anchor method on popups) created by tschaub
If a component is added to a container with "anchor" layout, the …
23:53 Changeset [416] by dwins
Narrow the search path to just children of the legend panel when …
23:10 Changeset [415] by tschaub
Adding missing semicolon.
22:52 Changeset [414] by tschaub
removing console.log call
22:48 Changeset [413] by tschaub
configure getfeatureinfo control with url from first layer in capabilities
22:25 Changeset [412] by dwins
Adding reordering support for legend panel.
21:06 Changeset [411] by sbenthall
moving "Add Layers" button to window bbar
18:47 Ticket #43 (Add API Doc link to the wiki, and add cron job to generate NaturalDocs) created by ahocevar
The API Doc link on the Documentation page of the project wiki is …
06:43 Changeset [410] by tschaub
Removing the zoom full thing so we can add a scale slider.
06:21 Changeset [409] by tschaub
sticking with the gray theme for these icons
02:24 Changeset [408] by tschaub
Allow app to be configured with a proxy.
02:02 Changeset [407] by tschaub
Set layer max extent. Assuming epsg:4326 here. Need to be able to …
02:01 Changeset [406] by tschaub
Update to use new signature for WMSGetFeatureInfo control.
01:10 Changeset [405] by tschaub
Add zoom to layer extent item in node context menu. This can be …
00:54 Changeset [404] by tschaub
Create a remove layer action that can be shared between context menu …


23:59 Ticket #42 (test) closed by elemoine
23:53 Ticket #42 (test) created by elemoine
23:50 Changeset [403] by tschaub
Initialize the cap grid just before it is shown and don't enable the …
19:07 Changeset [402] by dwins
Fixed bug with double-click handling on layertree, see #22
18:09 Changeset [401] by dwins
Have MapToolSplitToggle respect allowDepress config option
18:08 meetings/2009_04_15 edited by cmoullet
18:03 meetings/2009_04_15 edited by cmoullet
18:02 meetings/2009_04_15 edited by cmoullet
08:32 Ticket #40 (FeatureRecord.create and LayerRecord.create should not modify globally ...) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [400]) FeatureRecord.create and LayerRecord.create should not …
08:32 Changeset [400] by elemoine
FeatureRecord.create and LayerRecord.create should not modify globally …


22:16 Changeset [399] by sbenthall
PanPanel and ZoomPanel using Ext sprites
21:14 Changeset [398] by sbenthall
adding a functional Remove Layer item to the context menu for nodes on …
17:01 meetings/2009_04_15 created by cmoullet
17:00 CommunityPSCMeetings edited by cmoullet
10:25 CallParticipation edited by Ikaro
09:49 Changeset [397] by tschaub
Make sure capabilities are loaded before initializing cap grid. …
09:28 Changeset [396] by tschaub
Nicer style for measure sketch.
09:23 Changeset [395] by tschaub
No reason to bind these functions.
09:14 Changeset [394] by tschaub
Enable toolbar when application is ready.
09:06 Changeset [393] by tschaub
Modify load sequence so capabilities are available before application …
09:03 Changeset [392] by tschaub
Only grab scales from map if map has at least one layer.
08:59 Changeset [391] by elemoine
make the feature grid example look a bit nicer, no functional change
08:36 Changeset [390] by elemoine
improve ND comments for the FeatureStore constructor, no functional change
01:05 Changeset [389] by tschaub
Adding ititial tests for LayerContainer nodes.


23:47 Changeset [388] by sbenthall
tests for WMSCapabilitiesReader (see #26)
23:39 Changeset [387] by dwins
Add scale overlay with scale chooser, scale bar, and a decorative label
23:38 Changeset [386] by dwins
Add scale store that synchronizes scale list with map
23:33 Ticket #41 (Implement ScaleStore) created by dwins
Provide a store implementation that keeps a list of available zoom …
23:27 Changeset [385] by tschaub
Treat pan, gfi, and measure as radio buttons - still not working for …
23:12 Changeset [384] by tschaub
Enable drag and drop layer reordering.
23:10 Changeset [383] by tschaub
Removing redundant description column.
22:32 Changeset [382] by sbenthall
Made FeatureRecord.create() and LayerRecord.create() not modify …
22:18 Ticket #40 (FeatureRecord.create and LayerRecord.create should not modify globally ...) created by sbenthall
Currently, FeatureRecord.create and LayerRecord.create modify the …
20:50 Changeset [381] by tschaub
Support drag-drop reordering of layer nodes in a layer container.
20:49 Changeset [380] by tschaub
Documenting events in addEvents.
19:17 Changeset [379] by tschaub
removing console call
17:00 Ticket #18 (add FeatureStore, a helper class for creating stores pre-configured ...) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [378]) add FeatureStore, a helper class for creating stores …
17:00 Changeset [378] by elemoine
add FeatureStore, a helper class for creating stores pre-configured …
01:56 Changeset [377] by dwins
Configure the legend panel to display layers in the same order they …


22:18 Changeset [376] by dwins
Replace dummy legend panel with a real one.
22:15 Changeset [375] by dwins
Adding LegendPanel from gs #2
11:26 Changeset [374] by tschaub
display tooltips
11:12 Changeset [373] by tschaub
no longer exists
11:10 Changeset [372] by tschaub
updated paths


00:53 Ticket #39 (Map Panel in viewport with vector layer test fails in IE 6.0) created by sbenthall
The attached patch contains a test for the MapPanel that fails in IE …


19:03 Changeset [371] by tschaub
Enable and disable navigation history controls as appropriate states …
09:27 Ticket #38 (update LayerStore for layers option to be an alias of data ext option) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [370]) update LayerStore for layers option to be an alias of data …
09:27 Changeset [370] by elemoine
update LayerStore for layers option to be an alias of data ext option, …


21:29 Ticket #38 (update LayerStore for layers option to be an alias of data ext option) created by bbinet
layers is now handled as an alias of data, and loadData can be used to …
17:06 Changeset [369] by tcoulter
Updated map panel, just for posterity.
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01:57 Changeset [368] by tschaub
less border
01:53 Changeset [367] by tschaub
shuffle shuffle
01:42 Changeset [366] by tschaub
Adding navigation history controls.
01:33 Changeset [365] by tschaub
Removing stray console call.
01:31 Changeset [364] by tschaub
Adding navigation control explicitly and giving it a button (see #122).
01:13 Changeset [363] by tschaub
Adding a zoom to visible extent button. Note that this requirest that …
00:46 Changeset [362] by tschaub
Graphic for 'Add Layers' button (see #361)
00:43 Changeset [361] by tschaub
Adding icons for existing buttons (see #136).
00:19 Changeset [360] by tschaub
Using the cancel method on the measure control to erase persisted sketch.
00:10 Changeset [359] by tschaub
modifications list
00:09 Changeset [358] by tschaub
merge up to r357 from trunk


22:28 Ticket #21 (Popup) reopened by tschaub
Popup trouble on IE (6 at least). Example doesn't work and tests fail.
22:11 Ticket #34 (feature and layer records should clone on copy) closed by tschaub
fixed: (In [357]) Records that contain references to OL objects should clone …
22:11 Changeset [357] by tschaub
Records that contain references to OL objects should clone those …
21:11 Ticket #37 (layer store should respect the order of layers in the map layers array) closed by tschaub
fixed: (In [356]) If bound to a map, the layer store will respect the order …
21:11 Changeset [356] by tschaub
If bound to a map, the layer store will respect the order of layers on …
11:04 Changeset [355] by elemoine
add missing @include's, no functional change
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00:02 Changeset [354] by sbenthall
zoom in and zoom out buttons with icons
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