23:54 Ticket #37 (layer store should respect the order of layers in the map layers array) created by tschaub
23:45 Changeset [338] by tschaub
Corrected paths in example.
23:39 Changeset [337] by tschaub
Better name for examples.
23:36 Changeset [336] by tschaub
Respect layer order when adding to the container. (see #22)
22:53 Changeset [335] by tschaub
Adding a layer tree example (see #22 - requires wms cap reader)
22:48 Changeset [334] by tschaub
Fixing the layer store add method (see #36).
22:47 Changeset [333] by tschaub
Adding some docs for layerStore config property (see #22).
22:36 Ticket #36 (calling store.add for a LayerStore with a bound map adds records twice) created by tschaub
The onAdd and onLayerAdd methods both need to set and check the …
21:38 Changeset [332] by tschaub
A bit better English.
21:19 Changeset [331] by tschaub
Tweaking description for the example.
21:16 Changeset [330] by tschaub
Removing the redundant description column, adding a map panel, and …
21:10 Changeset [329] by tschaub
No need to bother with isBaseLayer settings (given the patch for #35).
21:09 Changeset [328] by tschaub
Setting allOverlays true when MapPanel creates a map. (see #35)
21:07 Ticket #35 (Set allOverlays to true for maps created by the MapPanel) created by tschaub
If an OpenLayers.Map object is not provided to the MapPanel …
19:17 Changeset [327] by tschaub
Cloning feature and layer in record.copy. Patch from #34.
19:15 Changeset [326] by tschaub
Changes from #31 in the trunk.
19:07 Changeset [325] by tschaub
Get rid of dummy layers and isBaseLayer setting. Instead set …
00:20 Changeset [324] by sbenthall
cleaning up the extractConfiguration method some more since the …


22:44 Changeset [323] by sbenthall
doc for bookmark method
22:08 Changeset [322] by sbenthall
Bookmark tool now gives user a URL for bookmark
22:04 Changeset [321] by dwins
Use anchored popups for Info button, instead of generic Ext windows.
22:02 Changeset [320] by dwins
Merge from trunk, up to r319
21:52 Changeset [319] by sbenthall
tightened up extractConfiguration method
21:29 Changeset [318] by sbenthall
bookmark method and debugged/cleaned up extractConfiguration method
21:10 Changeset [317] by sbenthall
whoops. fixing typo
21:05 Changeset [316] by sbenthall
more complet extractConfiguration method (maybe a little convoluted)
20:37 Changeset [315] by sbenthall
some docs, and a stub for the extractConfiguration method
20:28 Changeset [314] by sbenthall
JSON from query string parameter 'q' is now used in Viewer configuration
19:17 Changeset [313] by sbenthall
changing method name AddLayer to AddLayers
19:08 Changeset [312] by sbenthall
can now add multiple layers at a time. "Add from URL" button changed …
19:05 Changeset [311] by sbenthall
capabilities grid window now persists and is shown/hidden instead of …
18:53 Changeset [310] by dwins
Update to account for API changes made before bringing the …
18:35 Changeset [309] by sbenthall
fixing broken CapabilitiesGrid Done button and restoring the …
14:03 Changeset [308] by bartvde
change requires into include
13:08 Changeset [307] by bartvde
adding missing requires for FeatureRecord


20:21 Changeset [306] by dwins
Delegate the 'update when layer visibility changes' functionality to …
17:00 Changeset [305] by tschaub
A few lines fewer.
16:47 Changeset [304] by sbenthall
set CapabilitiesGrid height/width in app, not in clas
16:30 Changeset [303] by sbenthall
CapabilitiesGrid now takes persisting GeoExplorer WMSStore. Also, …
10:52 Ticket #33 (Add NaturalDocs configuration) closed by ahocevar
fixed: (In [302]) added apidoc_config folder with initial NaturalDocs …
10:52 Changeset [302] by ahocevar
added apidoc_config folder with initial NaturalDocs configuration. …
01:31 Changeset [301] by sbenthall
cleaning out offending comment
01:05 Changeset [300] by sbenthall
sending record copy to layer store; changing 'add layers' to …
00:08 Changeset [299] by sbenthall
right aligning toolbars
00:00 Changeset [298] by sbenthall
...then I learned what to do with an /ows url! And cleaned up some UI …


23:47 Changeset [297] by sbenthall
new layers added to map are transparent pngs now
23:46 Changeset [296] by sbenthall
"Done" button on CapabilitiesGrid window
23:43 Changeset [295] by dwins
Update GeoExplorer to new WMSGetFeatureInfo API
22:44 Changeset [294] by dwins
Changes to accommodate GetFeatureInfo control
21:43 Changeset [293] by sbenthall
first pass at CapabilitiesGrid. some bugs and some uglies
12:58 Ticket #30 (LayerStore: use bind/unbind to enable/disable synchronization) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [292]) LayerStore: use bind/unbind to enable/disable …
12:58 Changeset [292] by elemoine
LayerStore: use bind/unbind to enable/disable synchronization, …


23:09 Changeset [291] by tschaub
basic viewer constructor
18:57 CallParticipation edited by dgrichard


15:50 WikiStart edited by cmoullet
15:49 WikiStart edited by cmoullet
15:40 Changeset [290] by elemoine
(a) popup example refactoring, and (b) show how to unselect feature …
12:57 CommunityPSCMembers edited by cmoullet
12:56 CommunityPSCMembers created by cmoullet
12:37 CommunityPSCMeetings edited by cmoullet
00:34 CallParticipation edited by bjornharrtell


20:55 Ticket #34 (feature and layer records should clone on copy) created by tschaub
The FeatureRecord and LayerRecord prototypes need a custom copy so …
19:14 Changeset [289] by tschaub
18:00 Changeset [288] by tschaub
use a clone of the layer from the capabilities store
14:56 Ticket #21 (Popup) closed by ahocevar
fixed: (In [287]) Popups for the GeoExt MapPanel. Thanks sbenthall for the …
14:56 Changeset [287] by ahocevar
Popups for the GeoExt MapPanel. Thanks sbenthall for the hard work on …


23:06 Changeset [286] by sbenthall
second example of WMS capabilities grid with row expander
22:51 Changeset [285] by tschaub
doc queryable config
22:45 Ticket #31 (Allow array for extent or center in MapPanel) closed by tschaub
fixed: (In [284]) Allowing array values for extent and center properties in …
22:45 Changeset [284] by tschaub
Allowing array values for extent and center properties in MapPanel …
22:43 Ticket #32 (MapPanel should listen for ownerCt move) closed by tschaub
fixed: (In [283]) If a map panel is rendered inside of a parent container, it …
22:43 Changeset [283] by tschaub
If a map panel is rendered inside of a parent container, it will …
22:04 Changeset [282] by sbenthall
remove test
22:04 Changeset [281] by sbenthall
test commit
16:30 Ticket #33 (Add NaturalDocs configuration) created by ahocevar
Add apidoc_config for NaturalDocs. The attached patch provides a …
09:07 Ticket #28 (Add FeatureRecord) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [280]) Add FeatureRecord, r=tschaub (closes #28)
09:07 Changeset [280] by elemoine
Add FeatureRecord, r=tschaub (closes #28)
07:50 Changeset [279] by tschaub
Update layer record creation based on common record constructor signature.
07:29 Changeset [278] by tschaub
Adding relevant fields to layer records from capabilities docs.
06:26 Changeset [277] by tschaub
merge r269:HEAD from trunk


22:11 Ticket #29 (LayerStore can only be configured with a LayerReader) closed by elemoine
fixed: (In [276]) LayerStore can only be configured with a LayerReader, …
22:11 Changeset [276] by elemoine
LayerStore can only be configured with a LayerReader, r=tschaub …
17:40 Ticket #23 (Add resources folder for css and images) closed by tschaub
fixed: (In [275]) Adding a resources directory - I don't think this needs …
17:40 Changeset [275] by tschaub
Adding a resources directory - I don't think this needs much …
17:15 Changeset [274] by tschaub
Making the examples more like ExtJS examples.
11:02 Changeset [273] by elemoine
restructure SVN as described in this thread …
06:43 Ticket #32 (MapPanel should listen for ownerCt move) created by tschaub
If you put a MapPanel in a window and move the window, the map …
05:35 Changeset [272] by tschaub
Removing unused args var. No functional change.
00:16 Changeset [271] by tschaub
simplified example
00:15 Changeset [270] by tschaub
Applying the patch for #31.
00:14 Changeset [269] by tschaub
merge r264:HEAD from trunk
00:09 Changeset [268] by tschaub
adding handy map preview to capabilities grid
00:04 Ticket #31 (Allow array for extent or center in MapPanel) created by tschaub
Currently, extent and center can be OL objects or strings. Arrays …
00:01 Changeset [267] by tschaub
correcting paths to js


23:55 Changeset [266] by tschaub
Putting some more structure in the test dir. This will let us put …
23:10 Changeset [265] by tschaub
updating wms capabilities reader and store and providing a working example
22:17 Ticket #30 (LayerStore: use bind/unbind to enable/disable synchronization) created by elemoine
Use bind/unbind to enable/disable synchronization in our Stores. For …
21:42 Changeset [264] by tschaub
merge r246:HEAD from trunk
21:03 Ticket #29 (LayerStore can only be configured with a LayerReader) created by elemoine
15:54 Changeset [263] by tschaub
moving the len assignment back to the first statement
14:27 Changeset [262] by ahocevar
updated to treenodes.2.patch, but only TristateCheckboxNode, LayerNode …
14:24 Changeset [261] by ahocevar
fixed typos in WMSCapabilities reader (see #26)
12:50 Ticket #24 (Refactoring of GeoExt tree nodes) closed by ahocevar
invalid: I am working on the layer nodes this week anyway, so I'm closing this …
10:16 CallParticipation edited by jvhigon
10:15 CallParticipation edited by jvhigon
09:17 Tickets #27,​25 batch updated by elemoine
fixed: (In [260]) add LayerReader, r=ahocevar (closes #25, #27)
09:17 Changeset [260] by elemoine
add LayerReader, r=ahocevar (closes #25, #27)
06:48 Changeset [259] by elemoine
add FeatureRecord (#28)
06:43 Ticket #28 (Add FeatureRecord) created by elemoine
Mimic what we've done with LayerRecord.
00:41 Changeset [258] by tschaub
logging sandbox modifications
00:40 Changeset [257] by tschaub
adding a wms capabilities store (see #9)
00:39 Changeset [256] by tschaub
making the wms capabilities reader look a bit more like other readers
00:37 Ticket #9 (WMS Capabilities Store) reopened by tschaub
Ok, I take that back. It is nice to have helper stores that configure …
00:23 Ticket #27 (LayerRecord signature should look like Record signature) created by tschaub
I think it would be useful for the LayerRecord constructor to look the …


23:52 Changeset [255] by tschaub
initial code for wms capabilities reader (see #26)
23:49 Ticket #9 (WMS Capabilities Store) closed by tschaub
wontfix: I think we can use just a plain old layer store instead of a specific …
23:49 Ticket #26 (create a WMS capabilities reader) created by tschaub
This will use the proposed
23:14 Changeset [254] by tschaub
use a layer store so we can store additional layer metadata on layer …
22:35 Changeset [253] by tschaub
pulling out application configuration
22:00 Changeset [252] by elemoine
add tests for LayerReader
20:08 Changeset [251] by tschaub
Adding basic application code. Application initializes a layout with …
20:05 Changeset [250] by tschaub
Adding file to track modifications in the sandbox.
20:03 Changeset [249] by tschaub
mimimum code to get working layer tree (see #24)
19:09 Changeset [248] by tschaub
pulling in ext as well
18:57 Changeset [247] by tschaub
setting up references to externals
18:55 Changeset [246] by tschaub
copy core trunk for new sandbox
18:52 Changeset [245] by tschaub
Basic structure for new app.
18:50 Changeset [244] by tschaub
Making space for a new GeoExt application.
18:50 Changeset [243] by tschaub
Making space for a group of GeoExt applications.


14:56 Ticket #25 (add LayerReader) created by elemoine
The current LayerRecord constructor creates a layer record from an …
14:47 Changeset [242] by elemoine
add LayerReader to convert layers to layer records, and have the …
14:40 Changeset [241] by elemoine
svn merge -r189:HEAD http://www.geoext.org/svn/geoext/core/trunk ./
14:39 Changeset [240] by elemoine
r239 was supposed to include changes from "merge -r189:HEAD" only, it …
14:27 Changeset [239] by elemoine
svn merge -r189:HEAD http://www.geoext.org/svn/geoext/core/trunk ./


22:51 Ticket #4 (Map Component/Panel) closed by ahocevar
fixed: (In [238]) Added MapPanel, LayerRecord and LayerStore with examples …
22:51 Changeset [238] by ahocevar
Added MapPanel, LayerRecord and LayerStore with examples and tests; …
21:58 CallParticipation edited by jeberle


17:58 Changeset [237] by tcoulter
Added ErrorWindow and RequestManager from Drake. Also refactored the …


11:41 CallParticipation edited by pfreimuth


23:16 Changeset [236] by dwins
Deal with some rendering bugs in the new mappanel.
22:11 Changeset [235] by dwins
Pulling LayerStore and corresponding MapPanel implementation from GeoExt #4
22:06 Changeset [234] by dwins
Fixing up the tests (library references, protocol proxy tests)
20:58 Changeset [233] by tcoulter
Fixes ticket #142. Also makes application run in Firefox 2.
19:18 Changeset [232] by dwins
Add a LegendPanel and remove the extraneous layers that it exposed.
18:54 Changeset [231] by dwins
Remove some console.log statements (oops) and use new anchoring API …
18:53 Changeset [230] by dwins
Allow anchoring popups to arbitrary lon/lat positions by passing in an …
18:47 Changeset [229] by dwins
Update GeoExplorer to have just one GetFeatureInfo control and to have …
09:23 Ticket #24 (Refactoring of GeoExt tree nodes) created by ahocevar
This ticket depends on #22. It should be noted that there is still …


22:22 Changeset [228] by tcoulter
Remove unneeded code; make store.removeAll() work.
21:57 Changeset [227] by tcoulter
Hook up highlighting with the feature store using GeoExt.layer.Vector. …
19:48 Changeset [226] by tcoulter
Adding Dwin's changes to the ProtocolProxy to support caching and …
16:11 Changeset [225] by dwins
Add getfeatureinfo control to GeoExplorer.


21:02 Changeset [224] by dwins
Correct a syntax error in FeatureStore
20:03 Changeset [223] by sbenthall
createLayer method on FeatureStore
19:58 Changeset [222] by sbenthall
Updating FeatureStore with bind and unbind methods from …
19:56 Changeset [221] by sbenthall
Patching with FeatureStore patch from #18
19:51 Changeset [220] by sbenthall
Patched with MapPanel patch from #4
19:47 Changeset [219] by sbenthall
New sandbox for temporary Alachua dependency, copied from trunk


16:08 Changeset [218] by sbenthall
minor changes/cleaning of popup example and tests
13:59 Ticket #23 (Add resources folder for css and images) created by ahocevar
This is a patch for a folder structure for css and images, as proposed …


22:08 Changeset [217] by dwins
Add tests for WMSCapabilitiesReader.


19:17 Changeset [216] by sbenthall
adding formats and queryable to record schema for WMSCapabilitiesReader
14:29 Changeset [215] by dwins
Skeletal application for GeoExplorer project


01:53 Ticket #22 (tree nodes for layer management) created by ahocevar
The attached patch provides several node types for dealing with layers …
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