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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#11 FilterBuilder widget ux task new 01/23/09
#14 Layer Properties Panel ux task new 01/23/09
#246 add MultiPagePrint ux ux enhancement new 03/24/10
#171 MapPanel loading indicator ux enhancement new 11/06/09
#257 add MagnifierWindow ux ux enhancement new 04/01/10

1.0 (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#402 incorrect reordering in LayerStore GeoExt.data.LayerStore 1.0 defect new 01/26/11
#431 Collapsed popup causes infinite recursion GeoExt.Popup 1.0 defect sbenthall new 07/05/11
#396 Errors in components with a layer property when the layer is part of the MapPanel.layers configuration property GeoExt 1.0 defect new 01/12/11
#427 Print Form Example Error examples 1.0 defect new 06/15/11
#448 Array access sometimes fails in VectorLegend#onFeaturesAdded GeoExt.VectorLegend 1.0 defect tschaub new 10/13/11
#374 popups should move with draggable MapPanel GeoExt 1.0 enhancement new 11/10/10
#384 create English dictionary for GeoExt and ux components GeoExt 1.0 enhancement new 12/03/10
#389 FeatureStore should not trigger a beforefeaturemodified event on the layer GeoExt.data.FeatureStore 1.0 enhancement new 01/06/11
#401 WMSCapabilities should allow access to raw XML data after loading GeoExt.data.WMSCapabilitiesReader 1.0 enhancement new 01/25/11
#410 [patch] Add anchor permalink support GeoExt.state.PermalinkProvider 1.0 enhancement elemoine new 02/22/11
#417 Supply client resolution per page to be printed GeoExt.data.PrintProvider 1.0 enhancement new 04/13/11
#428 Add print support for Google and GoogleNG layers GeoExt 1.0 enhancement elemoine new 06/21/11
#413 UX BaseLayerCombobox ux 1.0 enhancement new 03/23/11
#423 GeoExt.ux.WFSTFeatureEditing widget ux 1.0 task new 05/12/11

1.1 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#456 GXM: Selectfeature control documentation 1.1 enhancement new 05/16/12
#455 Vertical layer legend for wms layer groups AND hiding layer icon GeoExt 1.1 enhancement new 05/13/12

trunk (32 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#225 PrintPage does not deal correctly with a layout without a map GeoExt trunk defect new 02/16/10
#283 layerstore treepanel loader plus groupPanel dont play nice with Google maps. GeoExt trunk defect reopened 05/18/10
#346 radio button on layer node should maintain state in drag/drop GeoExt trunk defect new 09/21/10
#233 Overlay Layer container nodes rendered with a checkbox don't interact with sublayers GeoExt.tree.OverlayLayerContainer trunk defect new 03/04/10
#130 GoogleEarthPanel ux trunk enhancement new 07/27/09
#141 don't remove features from layer that have delete state GeoExt.data.FeatureStore trunk enhancement new 08/07/09
#165 zoomslider with labels GeoExt.ZoomSlider trunk enhancement new 10/15/09
#168 Making the FeatureStore compliant with WFS-T GeoExt.data.FeatureStore trunk enhancement new 10/26/09
#189 Street View Panel ux trunk enhancement new 12/30/09
#190 Routing panel ux trunk enhancement new 12/31/09
#194 Display Projection Selector Combo ux trunk enhancement new 01/07/10
#207 Layer Manager ux trunk enhancement new 01/24/10
#216 Print encoders need to deal with array params GeoExt.data.PrintProvider trunk enhancement new 02/08/10
#234 support locale parameter in request to info.json GeoExt.data.PrintProvider trunk enhancement new 03/08/10
#287 support nested layers in WMSCapabilitiesStore GeoExt.data.WMSCapabilitiesStore trunk enhancement ahocevar new 05/26/10
#298 GeoExt.ux.SimplePrint: have possibility to specify custom renderers ux trunk enhancement new 06/21/10
#314 WMS capabilities loader should use store GeoExt.tree.WMSCapabilitiesLoader trunk enhancement new 08/04/10
#351 FeatureStore should take dateFormat into account GeoExt.data.FeatureStore trunk enhancement new 09/27/10
#362 GeoExt.Action must be part of Ext.menu.Menu to toggle menu items correctly GeoExt.Action trunk enhancement new 10/07/10
#418 GeoExt.form.recordToField : handle nullable fields GeoExt.form trunk enhancement elemoine new 04/14/11
#195 mouseposition display in a toolbar GeoExt trunk enhancement fredj new 01/08/10
#215 automatic GeoExt.Action map from GeoExt.MapPanel GeoExt.Action trunk enhancement new 02/02/10
#242 WMSBrowser widget ux trunk enhancement new 03/19/10
#258 OpenAddresses Search ux trunk enhancement new 04/01/10
#282 include GeoExt.version in builds created with the builder app GeoExt trunk enhancement new 05/17/10
#317 WMSCapabilitiesLoader should have a filter GeoExt.tree.WMSCapabilitiesLoader trunk enhancement new 08/11/10
#363 Use predefined scales from map object for GeoExt.data.ScaleStore if available GeoExt.data.ScaleStore trunk enhancement new 10/11/10
#450 Support Cluster Strategy in Feature Store or variant GeoExt trunk enhancement new 10/14/11
#355 api doc: link to source code documentation trunk enhancement new 09/28/10
#202 create an overview map panel GeoExt trunk task mpriour assigned 01/20/10
#273 create a preview panel for WMS layers ux trunk task new 04/29/10
#181 create GeoExt.form.ScaleField ux trunk task new 11/30/09
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