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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#130 GoogleEarthPanel enhancement major ux ux
#141 don't remove features from layer that have delete state enhancement major 1.2
#165 zoomslider with labels enhancement major future GeoExt.ZoomSlider
#168 Making the FeatureStore compliant with WFS-T enhancement major 1.2
#189 Street View Panel enhancement major ux
#190 Routing panel enhancement major ux
#194 Display Projection Selector Combo enhancement major ux
#207 Layer Manager enhancement major ux
#216 Print encoders need to deal with array params enhancement major 1.2
#225 PrintPage does not deal correctly with a layout without a map defect major future GeoExt
#234 support locale parameter in request to info.json enhancement major 1.2
#246 add MultiPagePrint ux enhancement major ux ux
#273 create a preview panel for WMS layers task major ux ux
#287 support nested layers in WMSCapabilitiesStore ahocevar enhancement major 1.2
#298 GeoExt.ux.SimplePrint: have possibility to specify custom renderers enhancement major ux ux
#314 WMS capabilities loader should use store enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt.tree.WMSCapabilitiesLoader
#346 radio button on layer node should maintain state in drag/drop defect major 1.2 GeoExt
#351 FeatureStore should take dateFormat into account enhancement major 1.2
#362 GeoExt.Action must be part of to toggle menu items correctly enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt.Action
#374 popups should move with draggable MapPanel enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt
#384 create English dictionary for GeoExt and ux components enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt
#389 FeatureStore should not trigger a beforefeaturemodified event on the layer enhancement major 1.2
#401 WMSCapabilities should allow access to raw XML data after loading enhancement major 1.2
#402 incorrect reordering in LayerStore defect major 1.2
#410 [patch] Add anchor permalink support elemoine enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt.state.PermalinkProvider
#417 Supply client resolution per page to be printed enhancement major 1.2
#418 GeoExt.form.recordToField : handle nullable fields elemoine enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt.form
#428 Add print support for Google and GoogleNG layers elemoine enhancement major 1.2 GeoExt
#431 Collapsed popup causes infinite recursion sbenthall defect major 1.2 GeoExt.Popup
#456 GXM: Selectfeature control enhancement major 1.2 documentation
#11 FilterBuilder widget task minor ux
#14 Layer Properties Panel task minor ux
#171 MapPanel loading indicator enhancement minor ux
#181 create GeoExt.form.ScaleField task minor ux
#195 mouseposition display in a toolbar fredj enhancement minor 1.2 GeoExt
#215 automatic GeoExt.Action map from GeoExt.MapPanel enhancement minor 1.2 GeoExt.Action
#233 Overlay Layer container nodes rendered with a checkbox don't interact with sublayers defect minor 1.2 GeoExt.tree.OverlayLayerContainer
#242 WMSBrowser widget enhancement minor ux
#257 add MagnifierWindow ux enhancement minor ux ux
#258 OpenAddresses Search enhancement minor ux ux
#282 include GeoExt.version in builds created with the builder app enhancement minor 1.2 GeoExt
#317 WMSCapabilitiesLoader should have a filter enhancement minor 1.2 GeoExt.tree.WMSCapabilitiesLoader
#363 Use predefined scales from map object for if available enhancement minor 1.2
#396 Errors in components with a layer property when the layer is part of the MapPanel.layers configuration property defect minor 1.2 GeoExt
#413 UX BaseLayerCombobox enhancement minor ux ux
#423 GeoExt.ux.WFSTFeatureEditing widget task minor ux ux
#427 Print Form Example Error defect minor 1.2 examples
#448 Array access sometimes fails in VectorLegend#onFeaturesAdded tschaub defect minor 1.2 GeoExt.VectorLegend
#450 Support Cluster Strategy in Feature Store or variant enhancement minor future GeoExt
#455 Vertical layer legend for wms layer groups AND hiding layer icon enhancement minor 1.2 GeoExt
#355 api doc: link to source code enhancement trivial 1.2 documentation
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