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#212 geoext.ux.PrintPreview: a rich print preview dialog ahocevar enhancement major ux trunk
#213 geoext.ux.SimplePrint: print preview with print extent on the map and a form to set parameters enhancement major ux trunk
#247 GeoExt.ux.SimplePrint: use a Ext.form.NumberField for rotation enhancement trivial ux trunk
#256 feature editing ux enhancement major ux
#288 FeatureBrowser ux enhancement minor ux
#310 PrintPreview should create its own scales store enhancement major ux trunk
#383 GeoExt.ux.Measure: add option to deactivate control after closing tip enhancement major ux 1.0
#387 UX of GeoExt.grid.FeatureSelectionModel for Hovering enhancement major ux 1.0
#393 the SimplePrint tests fail defect major ux
#394 SimplePrint bug when loading the capabilities with XHR enhancement major ux
#395 error when SimplePrint is in an accordion and when loading caps with XHR enhancement major GeoExt
#453 FeatureEditorGrid enhancements enhancement major ux
#454 Add printExtentOptions option to GeoExt.ux.SimplePrint enhancement major ux trunk
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