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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 test ticket defect blocker
#3 ProtocolProxy: need a way to pass more parameters defect blocker
#4 Map Component/Panel enhancement blocker 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#27 LayerRecord signature should look like Record signature defect blocker
#29 LayerStore can only be configured with a LayerReader enhancement blocker 0.5
#35 Set allOverlays to true for maps created by the MapPanel elemoine enhancement blocker 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#36 calling store.add for a LayerStore with a bound map adds records twice enhancement blocker 0.5
#60 incorrect map initialization sequence in MapPanel within a layout elemoine enhancement blocker 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#62 ScaleStore does instead of defect blocker 0.5
#78 change OL script tag href to api/2.8/OpenLayers.js in the examples tschaub enhancement blocker 0.5 examples
#133 values with circular references don't work in Ext 3.0 records elemoine defect blocker 1.0
#262 update SliderTip to handle multiple thumbs enhancement blocker 1.0 GeoExt.SliderTip
#335 WMSCapabilitiesLoader.html test fail in IE7 enhancement blocker 1.0 GeoExt.tree.WMSCapabilitiesLoader
#377 SearchAction.html tests fail enhancement blocker 1.1 tests
#32 MapPanel should listen for ownerCt move elemoine defect critical GeoExt.MapPanel
#37 layer store should respect the order of layers in the map layers array enhancement critical 0.5
#105 Unit test lib/GeoExt/data/WMSCapabilitiesReader.html fails tschaub defect critical 0.6
#106 layers set in reverse order defect critical 0.5
#132 FeatureStore onUpdate adds attributes to features defect critical 0.6
#160 examples shouldn't rely OpenLayers 2.8 enhancement critical 0.6 examples
#172 at most one subclass can be created using our mixin defect critical 0.7 GeoExt
#404 GeoExt.form.recordToField creates checkboxes whose checked state results in a 'on' value instead of 'true' elemoine enhancement critical 1.1 GeoExt.form
#420 WMSLegend.html tests fail enhancement critical 1.1 tests
#443 override-ext-ajax.html tests fail enhancement critical 1.1 tests
#2 Implement LegendPanel widget bartvde task major 0.5 GeoExt.LegendPanel
#9 WMS Capabilities Store task major 0.5
#10 WFS Capabilities Store elemoine enhancement major 0.6
#12 Feature Store task major
#16 zoom slider tschaub enhancement major 0.5 widgets
#17 AttributeStore and AttributeReader enhancement major 0.6
#18 add FeatureStore, a helper class for creating stores pre-configured with a FeatureReader enhancement major 0.5
#19 Implement a LegendGraphicPanel or LegendGraphicComponent enhancement major 0.6
#20 Support multiple symbolizers per rule in legend graphic component for client-side styles enhancement major 0.7
#21 Popup tschaub enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.Popup
#22 tree nodes for layer management enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.tree
#23 Add resources folder for css and images enhancement major GeoExt.MapPanel
#25 add LayerReader enhancement major 0.5
#26 create a WMS capabilities reader enhancement major 0.5
#28 Add FeatureRecord enhancement major 0.5
#31 Allow array for extent or center in MapPanel tschaub enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#33 Add NaturalDocs configuration task major 0.5 documentation
#34 feature and layer records should clone on copy enhancement major 0.5
#38 update LayerStore for layers option to be an alias of data ext option enhancement major 0.5
#39 Map Panel in viewport with vector layer test fails in IE 6.0 tschaub defect major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#40 FeatureRecord.create and LayerRecord.create should not modify globally defined prototypes defect major 0.5
#41 Implement ScaleStore sbenthall enhancement major 0.5
#42 test enhancement major
#43 Add API Doc link to the wiki, and add cron job to generate NaturalDocs task major 0.5 documentation
#44 rename anchor method on popups sbenthall defect major 0.5 GeoExt.Popup
#45 have map panel check items for addToMapPanel and removeFromMapPanel on items in add and remove elemoine enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#46 Allow passing record constructor to featurestore. enhancement major 0.5
#47 LayerStore configured with "fields" instead of "recordType" enhancement major 0.5
#48 IE6 Map panel in Window loaded with x-type fails tschaub defect major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#49 specific form Action, BasicForm and FormPanel enhancement major 0.5 widgets
#50 WMSCapabilitiesRecord.js does not exists defect major 0.5
#51 gxtheme-gray.css for geoext theming compatible with ext's xtheme-gray.css enhancement major 0.5 widgets
#52 FeatureStore.addFeaturesToLayer fails when there are no input records enhancement major 0.5
#53 convert doc comments to reStructuredText with jst labels enhancement major 0.5 documentation
#54 clarify totalRecords property on FeatureReader elemoine task major 0.5
#55 replace addFeatureFilter config with event and provide a featureFilter config enhancement major 1.0
#56 Add ability to use mapping for complex objects in FeatureReader enhancement major 0.5
#57 LayerStore and bound Map get out of sync when record is replaced through add() defect major 0.5
#58 layer and feature record copy should not clone layer and feature bbinet enhancement major 0.6
#59 WMS capabilities sample doesnt show map in IE8 elemoine defect major GeoExt.MapPanel
#61 use version of ext hosted elsewhere enhancement major 0.5 examples
#63 examples give js errors because GeoExt script tag is before OpenLayers script tag defect major 0.5 examples
#64 popup and mappanel tests fail in IE7 elemoine defect major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#65 LayerStore should move record instead of removing and adding defect major 0.5
#66 LayerStore should fire update event when layer property changes defect major 0.5
#67 controls as buttons and menu items enhancement major 0.5 widgets
#68 tree nodes: after drag & drop node has 2 radio buttons ahocevar defect major 0.5 GeoExt.tree
#69 adding a doctype messes with mappanel elemoine defect major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#70 allow zoom only in map panel config elemoine enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#72 MapPanel should destroy any map it creates elemoine enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.MapPanel
#73 popup needs to account for destroyed map sbenthall defect major 0.5 GeoExt.Popup
#76 add support for WMS services that do not support SLD WMS GetLegendGraphic enhancement major 0.6 GeoExt.LegendPanel
#77 Add GeoExt.grid.FeatureSelectionModel enhancement major 0.6 GeoExt.grid.FeatureSelectionModel
#79 WMSCapabilitiesStore assumes config parameter enhancement major 0.5
#80 mouse events should be stopped by popup when anchored enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.Popup
#81 update copyright info enhancement major 0.5 documentation
#82 update base link for LegendImage, LegendPanel, and LegendWMS widgets task major 0.5 widgets
#83 ZoomSlider should start with Slider defaults defect major 0.5 GeoExt.ZoomSlider
#84 Level 0 not included in ScaleStore defect major 0.5
#85 LayerRecord title field is not updated when layer.setName is called defect major 0.5
#86 legend panel and layer container don't handle multiple record additions properly defect major 0.5 widgets
#87 csw support elemoine enhancement major
#88 destroy js errors for LegendPanel and LayerContainer ahocevar enhancement major 0.5
#90 calling map.destroy causes problem with legend and tree components ahocevar defect major 0.5 widgets
#91 LegendImage makes my CPU melt if Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL is not found defect major 0.5 GeoExt.LegendImage
#92 Override Ext.lib.Ajax enhancement major 0.6 overrides
#96 LayerNode and Legend don't update when layer changes name enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.LegendPanel
#99 action should delete the map reference enhancement major 0.5 GeoExt.Action
#100 Metadata, Attribution, Keywords in WMSCapabiltiesStore enhancement major 0.6
#101 Ignore form fields in filters that don't match with the FILTER_MAP elemoine enhancement major 0.7 GeoExt.form
#102 cross-browser testing enhancement major 0.5
#107 Popup tests cause errors in Map.js sbenthall defect major 0.5 GeoExt.Popup
#108 WMSDescribeLayer Reader and Store enhancement major 0.6
#109 Add option to render LayerNodes with a radio button instead of a checkbox ahocevar enhancement major 0.6 GeoExt.tree.LayerNode
#111 OverlayLayerContainer and BaseLayerContainer don't call super with correct args in addLayerNode ahocevar defect major 0.6 GeoExt.tree.LayerContainer
#112 radio button is unchecked at the start of a drag ahocevar defect major 0.6 GeoExt.tree.LayerNode
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