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#225 PrintPage does not deal correctly with a layout without a map new major future GeoExt
#283 layerstore treepanel loader plus groupPanel dont play nice with Google maps. reopened major 1.2 GeoExt
#346 radio button on layer node should maintain state in drag/drop new major 1.2 GeoExt
#402 incorrect reordering in LayerStore new major 1.2
#431 Collapsed popup causes infinite recursion new sbenthall major 1.2 GeoExt.Popup
#233 Overlay Layer container nodes rendered with a checkbox don't interact with sublayers new minor 1.2 GeoExt.tree.OverlayLayerContainer
#396 Errors in components with a layer property when the layer is part of the MapPanel.layers configuration property new minor 1.2 GeoExt
#427 Print Form Example Error new minor 1.2 examples
#448 Array access sometimes fails in VectorLegend#onFeaturesAdded new tschaub minor 1.2 GeoExt.VectorLegend
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