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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#168 Making the FeatureStore compliant with WFS-T new enhancement major 1.2
#283 layerstore treepanel loader plus groupPanel dont play nice with Google maps. reopened defect major 1.2
#287 support nested layers in WMSCapabilitiesStore new ahocevar enhancement major 1.2
#314 WMS capabilities loader should use store new enhancement major 1.2
#362 GeoExt.Action must be part of to toggle menu items correctly new enhancement major 1.2
#402 incorrect reordering in LayerStore new defect major 1.2
#428 Add print support for Google and GoogleNG layers new elemoine enhancement major 1.2
#11 FilterBuilder widget new task minor
#14 Layer Properties Panel new task minor
#363 Use predefined scales from map object for if available new enhancement minor 1.2
#396 Errors in components with a layer property when the layer is part of the MapPanel.layers configuration property new defect minor 1.2
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