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(edit) @2870   6 years ahocevar Setting the release to 1.1
(edit) @2868   6 years ahocevar Updates for the 1.1 release, which uses svn locations from github."
(edit) @2454   7 years ahocevar fixed pavement to also use docsrc from the release rather than trunk
(edit) @2448   7 years ahocevar setting the latest release to 1.0
(edit) @2440   7 years ahocevar updated README, explaining how to build docs for a specific release
(edit) @2439   7 years ahocevar now we can build docs for specific releases that we define in …
(edit) @2049   7 years ahocevar make setup_website work on OSX also.
(edit) @1437   8 years tschaub Adding paver task to concatenate comment blocks from examples and a …
(edit) @1120   8 years cmoullet Force python2.5-dev
(edit) @1117   8 years cmoullet Add a sudo for installation of python-dev
(edit) @825   8 years tschaub Setting mime-type for reStructuredText.
(edit) @789   8 years whit whoops... DEFAULT section a litte to powerful
(edit) @788   8 years whit making port default work for 8080
(edit) @787   8 years whit small change to make port number assignable
(edit) @774   8 years tschaub This isn't enough to get the examples working. Opting for links to …
(edit) @772   8 years tschaub Pointing to the trunk docsrc.
(edit) @710   8 years tschaub Removind duplicate todo.
(edit) @656   8 years whit add a couple todos
(edit) @655   8 years whit pull in examples (works, but paths for resources don't resolve)
(edit) @633   8 years whit whitespace
(edit) @632   8 years whit typo
(edit) @631   8 years whit fixing up cfg to match readme
(edit) @624   8 years whit update to treat www as base directory
(edit) @623   8 years whit fix path to server cfg
(edit) @597   8 years whit adding a todo
(edit) @593   8 years whit adding python dependency section
(edit) @592   8 years whit add a dependency section to alert of C-deps
(edit) @591   8 years elemoine SQLite3 development files are required to install the GeoExtSite package
(edit) @590   8 years whit comment out active post bootstrap code
(edit) @589   8 years whit autobuild at end of setup_websites
(edit) @587   8 years tschaub docsrc_url is now full path to docsrc
(edit) @586   8 years tschaub Pointing to new jstools release and avoiding trouble from build_all.
(edit) @581   8 years whit add parse docs to the task deps for build_all
(edit) @578   8 years whit point docsrc at sandbox
(edit) @577   8 years tschaub don't think this is necessary
(edit) @566   8 years tschaub adding detail on directory structure
(edit) @565   8 years tschaub updating readme with a bit more detail
(edit) @557   8 years tschaub Doing the equivalent of make clean html.
(edit) @554   8 years tschaub All content in the www dir will be accessible online (sphinx should …
(edit) @553   8 years tschaub Getting specific about what we require.
(edit) @538   8 years tschaub simplifying the landing page for now
(edit) @529   8 years tschaub building website from the core/trunk
(edit) @528   8 years tschaub this task no longer works after r511 - the try/except there was about …
(edit) @527   8 years tschaub tests moved to jstools
(edit) @522   8 years whit fix api ref link
(edit) @521   8 years whit add readme for themeing notes with link to trac wiki about ui customization
(edit) @520   8 years whit leave index pickles (to speed rebuilds?)
(edit) @519   8 years whit indentation
(edit) @518   8 years whit moving tschaubs index out of docs and to index
(edit) @517   8 years whit remove ws
(edit) @516   8 years whit removing old
(edit) @515   8 years whit update docs to include paster url info
(edit) @514   8 years whit add trac env
(edit) @513   8 years whit fix path to index.html
(edit) @512   8 years whit add back trac
(edit) @511   8 years whit point docparser import at new location in new jstools pre-release
(edit) @509   8 years whit add a wsgi trac socket that pulls in trac
(edit) @505   8 years tschaub more readme detail
(edit) @504   8 years tschaub Adding checkout info to readme.
(edit) @503   8 years whit removing uneeded tracwsgi plugin
(edit) @501   8 years whit point jstools at github download
(edit) @492   8 years tschaub inherit takes a list of source file objects
(edit) @491   8 years tschaub separating the build and update tasks
(edit) @490   8 years tschaub code cleanup
(edit) @489   8 years tschaub create source file obj from string
(edit) @487   8 years tschaub refactor comment extraction
(edit) @483   8 years tschaub support inheritance
(edit) @473   8 years tschaub removing context in favor of using filters in templates
(edit) @472   8 years tschaub Grab js source when updating docs.
(edit) @468   8 years tschaub reversing earlier decision - templates go with other doc stuff instead …
(edit) @467   8 years tschaub works without pdb
(edit) @465   8 years whit contain import
(edit) @464   8 years whit remove 2.5 deps
(edit) @460   8 years tschaub basic doctests
(edit) @458   8 years tschaub Supporting bracket notation with keys for generating ordered lists in …
(edit) @456   8 years tschaub Templates should live near js source.
(edit) @455   8 years tschaub Code shuffle. Deciding that label marker should always be jst:. …
(edit) @446   8 years tschaub Adding tool to parse rst from js source.
(edit) @445   8 years tschaub using a copy of the trunk for now
(edit) @440   8 years tschaub get the whole trunk at least once
(edit) @439   8 years tschaub Removing the requirement that the whole trunk is checked out just to …
(edit) @437   8 years tschaub Add website build utilities.
(add) @436   8 years tschaub Adding a place for website building utilities.
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